By Ja’Net Adams

When I created the 5 Day Money Boot Camp, I thought about when I used to say: “Why am I still in the same place I was in last year?” and “This year is going to be different!”

I had this same conversation year after year after year. One year I finally snapped out of it and made a decision that I was going to take action. I only had one life to live and I didn’t want to have any regrets in the end.

I wanted to travel more, so the last couple of years I have been doing that. I wanted to start a business and work for myself, so about seven years ago I took action to make that a reality. I wanted my children to experience more of the world, so I got my money situated to do that.

What are you wanting to do? What do you want to do more of? What is holding you back from doing what you want to do? Is it money? Is it lack of action on your part?

Whatever the reason is, it is time that your visions, your goals, and your dreams became your reality!

I was tired of being in the same place year after year, so I made a change. I am glad that I did, because now I feel like I am moving forward. Forward movement feels awesome and it makes life satisfying. You can have what you want. You just need to know the steps on how to do it.

For those signed up for the 5 Day Money Boot Camp, you will learn how to do more of what you want. I am going to provide you the steps that I took.

There is no reason to be in the same place another year. There is no reason to ever again say “Why am I still here?”