By Ja’Net Adams

We live such busy lives. We complete our responsibilities, watch television, go to sleep, then wake up and do it all again. Days go by; weeks pass by. Years slip away.

I used to just blindly go through life and I didn’t even realize it. I went to work, came home and cooked for my family, looked at television for a couple of hours, caught up on emails, and went to sleep. I woke up at 6 a.m. to do it all again. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I was just going through the motions.

Getting laid off woke me up. Learning I was in tens of thousands of dollars of debt sent my life into chaos – at least that is what I thought. What actually was happening is that I was starting down a path that would lead me to a life where I would get to share my voice; a path where I would get to help others become financially free. In order to do that I had to wake up from a daze. When I look back, I would never haven woken up without getting laid off.

When the debt was gone two years later, I knew that I did not want to go back to a life where I just put my head down and let life pass me by. I wanted to do more. I wanted to help as many people as I could.

One day an idea came to me that I could do that by speaking. I didn’t know that idea would eventually become speaking around the country to thousands of people each year. I just wanted to speak to small groups here and there around my city.

Speaking in front of hundreds, even thousands, of people on stage never crossed my mind because I used to be afraid to speak in front of people. I remember my first speaking engagement that was for a small group of 50 people. I was terrified! I got up in front of them and made it through the presentation. At the end a young lady came up to me and said “your story gives me hope. I am nowhere near the amount of debt you were in so if you can make it, I now know that I can make it!”

It was then and there I knew that I can’t let my fear control me because someone out there is waiting on me. Someone is waiting on me to share my story and show them how I was able to pay off $50,000 in two years, and to show them how to get in position to live their dreams.

We all have a story. There is someone who is reading this who has a story that could change someone’s life, but there is one problem. You are in a daze just like I was and the days, the weeks, the years are passing you by.

Maybe you are ready to wake up from the daze and start impacting the lives of others. Maybe you are ready to share your story and change someone’s life. I meet so many people who want to make a dent in the universe by sharing their story or their expertise, but don’t know how.

I have been asked over and over “Ja’Net how do I get my voice out to the world?” I have been asked so many times that I wanted to help. I recently created “5 Steps to Becoming a Paid Speaker!” It is a free download and it will get you started on your journey to sharing your story with the world.