By Alan Younger

In my previous article, I discussed relationship marketing. Relationship marketing plays a key role in the success of the Small Business Center. Usually when business owners discuss marketing, they focus on the various tools associated with advertising. Traditional marketing methods are important and should be used whenever they are deemed effective.

Additionally, relationship marketing involves connecting with others and building relationships. These relationships often lead to repeat business and business from new clients.

This month, I want to discuss the acronym “SPEAK UP.” This acronym was developed during a small group exercise at one of our educational events for public speaking and presentations.

The event was facilitated by Ivey Ghee, who is a motivational speaker and knows how to bring out the best in people. One of her suggestions when picking topics is to consider using acronyms to help people remember you and what you have to say. My small group consisted of Denise Terry, Meko Lawson, KaySandra Best, and Promise Mangum. We accepted Ghee’s suggestion and came up with SPEAK UP.

S – Steady voice: be aware of tone

P – Purpose: know why we are here

E – Engagement: make connections with your audience

A – Audience: know them and meet their needs

K – Keep it real: be authentic

U – Unique: be memorable and tell your own story

P – Personality: let it show

We want to help you learn to SPEAK UP with confidence and clarity. In additional to this educational event, we have other events that focus on communicating your value. We also have business mentors with whom you can meet one on one to help you to become a better speaker.

You can learn about many opportunities to enhance your business by visiting our website or participating in our educational events. We want to help you achieve your dream of starting a new business or realizing more success if you already own a business. Our team has the experience and expertise to help you overcome most challenges that come your way.

You may learn about our services and clients at Feel free to stop by our office at 525@Vine in Wake Forest Innovation Quarter just east of the heart of downtown Winston- Salem. You may also contact us at or by calling (336) 757-3810.

The objective of the Small Business Center at Forsyth Tech is to help small businesses succeed by providing high quality, readily accessible assistance to prospective and existing business owners in Forsyth and Stokes counties. Our motto is “Increasing Business Success,” which describes our commitment to clients.