It’s difficult to believe that 2017is about to come to an end–just when we’re starting tohave some fun.It’sbeena banner yearforBlack Business Inkand I could not have scripted it anybetter than it has played out. The publication continues to grow, thanks in large part to our scores offaithful advertisers and our thousands of readers and supporters.Our publication each month is not possible without the roles each of you plays. We remainforever grateful and humbledabouthow you’ve embraced Black Business Ink, encouraged us toenter new markets,recommended articles andpersons to consider featuring ascover story profiles,andstimulated usto persevere when timesarechallenging.I remember when I first started this magazineanda good friend asked whether there wereenough successful African American businessesin the Triad to sustain a monthly magazine. Well,that questionis now answered by the fact that in 2018 Black Business Ink will celebrate its fifteenyear of publishing. None of it is possible without your unwavering support.Thereare so many wonderful stories in the Piedmont Triad and we’re blessed to be able toshare with youthe stories ofsome of these outstanding businesspersons and entrepreneurs.Just this year weintroduced you to acorporate training/business coach;several outstandingfemale former intercollegiate athletes who have excelled beyond the athletic arena;and a builderwho played a majorrolein the $17.5 million renovation of the Benton Convention Center inWinston-Salem.Weshared with you therags-to-richesstory ofJoe Dudley, the chief architect of the DudleyProducts, and, of course in ourvery first Mother’s Day special edition many of you shared specialwarm thought abouttheultra-special mother or grandmother in your life, including myownmotherwho celebrates her 100thbirthday in February.We were honored to profile the National Black Theatre Festival as it brought hundreds ofstage actors and tens of thousands of theater lovers to Winston-Salem for six days this summer.Wededicatedtwo of our magazines in 2017 to help commemoratemonumentalmilestonesof twovenerable institutionswe are blessed have in the Triad–the respective 125thanniversaries ofWinston-Salem State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.This monthweare pleased tointroduce youtoan entrepreneur whose Greensboro-basedmolding company is growing astronomically, and whose desire to go into business for himself wasfueled after he was granted a U.S. Patent at age 31 for a product invention and received a pat on theback while his company received millions of dollars.We encourage you to support these businesses as well as those who support us–ouradvertisers. And, as we approach the holiday season and spend countless hoursrunning aroundpurchasing presents for loved ones, please remember those individuals who are less fortunate andmay not have anything to eator a warmplace tosleep.We encourage our readers and supporters to make a donation to a nonprofit organization inyour community that has as its mission to assist the leastfortunate, the lost and the left outamongus. If you cannot afford a monetary donation, bequeath that winter coat you haven’t worn in fiveyears or one of the many blankets in the upstairs closet.We are approaching a joyous part of the year–a time of the year to be thankful for all of ourblessings. Let’s make sure that someone else has something to be thankful for, too