Allan Younger

By Allan Younger

Starting and managing a business is hard and a high percentage of new businesses fail within their first five years. One of the factors contributing to failure is the lack of connections that increase the likelihood of success. The team at the Small Business Center believes that it is important that every prospective or current business owner create and engage with their business community. This community should consist of partners, vendors, and organizations that can provide resources and support. We regularly help our clients create and engage with their business communities and would love to help you to do the same. As a matter of fact, many businesses partner with us and consider us to be an important member of their community. Here is what some of our clients have to say:

“I spend time at the Small Business Center because it allows me the space to think. There I am able to create products and programs for a global audience.” – Ja’Net Adams, EMACK Consulting

“I spend a lot of time at the Small Business Center because in order to be successful, I have to surround myself with like-minded successful people. I have obtained so much guidance and knowledge at the Small Business Center that has allowed me to take my business to the next level. The counselors are great and add so much to the atmosphere!” – Mike James, Motto Athletics

“I spend time at the Small Business Center because it is an environment in which I thrive! The first time I stepped through the doors, it was clear that my success as a small business owner and entrepreneur was a priority for the staff. This is the place where my dream of becoming a successful business owner evolved into an action plan. I continue to come because the people, resources, and connections are first-class!” – Angela Wilder, Identity Capital Consulting

“I spend time at the Small Business Center because it is a place where education funnels empowerment and enlightenment exhibits excitement. Every time I come through those doors, I know that I’m going to leave equipped, exhilarated, and eager to fulfill my endeavors.” – Lorisa Wyley, LIVE Expressions Studio

“My message to anyone wanting to start their own business is that the biggest need is tons of research which can be helped by the Small Business Center. Future business owners need to invest serious research time on the front-end to understand what pitfalls may be down the road.” – Thomas M. Meadows, future entrepreneur

“I spend time at the Small Business Center to take advantage of the many useful classes and workshops available for new businesses. The atmosphere is one of helpfulness and teamwork. Often when I’m searching for business-related answers, I can find them in the resource center, through staff members, or other clients of the SBC.” – Jessica Walker, Angels Without Wings Enterprises

“The Small Business Center is where I found the best resources. The staff is knowledgeable and eager to help. The Small Business Center has a wide variety of business counselors to speak with and give insight and resources to make your dream a reality.” – John Phipps, future business owner

You may visit the Small Business Center website at www.forsythtech.edu, stop by our office at 525@Vine in Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, email us at SBC@forsythtech.edu or call (336) 757-3810.