Ja’Net-AdamsBy Ja’net Adams

I recently visited Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and New York.  I travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, so I always look for deals so I’m able to get the most for my money.

Many of the places I go I end up flying so that I maximize my schedule and can get back and forth more easily. Airplane tickets are one of the most expensive parts of travel and any money you can save is worth the effort.

The different sites to look up flights are Expedia, Priceline, Airfare Watchdog, The Flight Deal, Hotwire, and the airlines. The key to saving on flights is to know how to work the system. If you know how to work the system then you can find inexpensive plane tickets over and over again.

Always go to the discount sites first to see all of your options. For example, I will go to Expedia, put in my destination and see all of the airlines on one screen. I will see what time the flight departs and arrives. I will see the different layover options and, most importantly, I will see all the prices.

I rarely book my flight on Expedia. I go to the actual airline website and book my flight from them so that I have their protection.

Remember that not all the airlines are on Expedia or other discount websites. Airlines such as Southwest and Virgin do not provide fares to discount sites. I always check Southwest before making a final decision. There have been times that going to Southwest or Allegiant has saved me $50.

If you are not finding airfares in your price range, consider looking at airports nearby –approximately two or three hours away. By just going a little out of your way on the departure or arrival you can turn a $400 plane ticket into a $180 plane ticket. I would definitely drive two hours for that type of savings.

Last but not least, follow sites like Airfare Watchdog and The Flight Deal on social media. These two sites alone have ridiculous airfare deals to the best locations in the world.

I have found plane tickets for less than $500 to Italy, Greece, Hawaii, Spain, and so on. Those destinations from the United States easily run $900-plus for airfare, especially if you are traveling to Europe.

Airfare does not have to be expensive. If you plan it right and truly look for deals, your money will allow you to see more of the world at a discount price. Wheels up!