Untitled            I recently received in my computer inbox a flyer announcing the 2016 Triad Minority Business Expo, which is produced annually by my good friend and colleague Reginald D. McCaskill.

The save-the-date notice announced that this year’s event will take place on August 19-20 at the dynamic Wake Forest Innovation Quarter just east of downtown Winston-Salem. It also promised to be “an all-day celebration of locally owned businesses in the Triad area.”

I couldn’t agree more! I attended my first expo last year when it was held at the Enterprise Center and I was very impressed with the planning of the event as well as the number of minority and nonminority businesses that were represented.

I did not take the opportunity to visit many of the businesses that set up booth displays that day because I was experiencing flu-like symptoms and did not want to infect the entire hall.

I did, however, engage a few entrepreneurs who moseyed over to the Black Business Ink booth – and a few of them even stayed to chat even after I told them I may be highly contagious.  One such brave soul was Roslyn Lash, the president of Youth Smart Financial Education Services. Her booth was positioned near mine and although we spoke only briefly, I could hear in her voice the passion she has about working with people to improve their financial situation.

We promised to stay in touch, and we did.

This month, Lash’s bravery in not abandoning a feverish, virus-toting fellow entrepreneur is rewarded by her gracing this month’s cover of Black Business Ink. We’re delighted to have her to share her uplifting story to our thousands of readers. Since April is financial awareness month, the timing could not be better.

We hope that many of you will reach out to Roslyn and inquire about her services and determine whether she can assist you in whatever financial challenges you may be facing. As she states in the article, many of us suffer in silence and refuse to ask for assistance in climbing out of financial doldrums. However, that is no way to deal with the problem. The optimal way is to tackle it head on. You can only know if she could assist you in those efforts by contacting her.

Meanwhile, I look forward to attending this year’s Triad Minority Business Expo in August. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to visit and speak with many more entrepreneurs without being concerned about infecting the whole lot.