unnamed02By Allan Younger

The team at the Small Business Center often meets with business owners who have had customers that make purchases; however, many of them never return. Many business owners understand the importance of customer service. It is one of the most important aspects of any business.

If customers are not satisfied with your service, they may use another business in future.  They may also voice their complaints to others. This may result in a significant reduction and even business failure. In these instances, we often discuss the term “engagement” because it suggests that we truly connect with our customers. Engagement also suggests an emotional connection. Among other things, here are a few important aspects of good customer service: good attitude, conflict resolution, knowledge of customers, and timeliness.

Engagement takes it even further. Customers are more likely to purchase, return, and refer others when they know that they are a part of genuine relationship rather than a mere transaction. RREV (your engines!!!) is a catchy way to remember the essentials of customer service and engagement:

  • Responsiveness: We must effectively and quickly respond to customer concerns and questions.
  • Relationship: We must connect with our customers and seek to win them for the long term.
  • Experience: We must create memories that our customers want to enjoy and tell others to do the same.
  • Value: We must create memories that our customers want to repeat and tell others to do the same.

Customer service and engagement is the process of delivering the value of a product or service to customers. We must build relationships with customers and seek to understand their needs. We must satisfy their needs and wants and build long-term relationships. Engagement can make the difference in the success or failure of our businesses.

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