Ja’Net-AdamsBy Ja’Net Adams

            She went on vacation again! 

            They have another new car!

            He always has on the newest shoes!

We constantly find ourselves looking at other people and wishing that we had what they have. We want to drive what they drive. We want to go to the restaurants that they frequent. We want to live in the house that they live in.

But we forget about one thing. How did they get what they have?

That is the question that we don’t know the answer to and that is where danger can creep in. To go on that vacation, your friend may have overextended two credit cards. To get that new car, your favorite couple may have gone into debt to the tune of more than thirty thousand dollars.

You may see them in a less expensive car in a year from now when that new car is repossessed because they were unable to continue the payments. That house with all the bedrooms that they purchased last year – you don’t know that it was purchased with no money down and a variable rate. You don’t know that the mortgage in five years will be so high that they won’t be able to keep it up.

Be careful wanting what others have. You don’t know what they did to get it and you don’t want to know what they have to do to keep it. Your best plan is to work your own financial plan, and if you work it right you will be able to afford and enjoy your own amenities of life.

Once you get out of debt and begin building wealth, you may be surprised that all the stuff you used to want you really don’t want anymore.